Aviation Ancillary Services

In 2008, Avon successfully secured contracts with Singapore Airport Terminal Services (“SATS”) and entrenched itself in the aero-logistics and support industry. Avon providing a wide ranges of aircraft services support like passenger registration, check-in services, dishing services including passenger flight meals and packing services, such as medical boxes, beverages and the cutlery.

Besides that, it also provides service crews to handle and upload these logistics onto the planes. Avon’s staff works 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to ensure smooth operation for about 100 flights departing Singapore on a daily basis.

Preparation of your inflight food enjoyment. More than 80% of the inflight food in Singapore is prepared by our staffs in partnership with our customers. Avon ensures that the required quantity of food is prepared with the highest hygiene standard.
counterCabin Services
Moving the necessary equipment and amenities for your inflight comfort. Preparation of the inflight food is the beginning of our service to airline passengers. Getting the food there timely and in good fashion completes the job. We also prepares the cutleries that you need and all other inflight amenities such as medical supplies and magazines.
baggageBaggage Handling Service
Avon ensures that your luggages are always with you wherever you travel.
passenger-servPassenger Service
Bringing the best hospitality to our guests and making sure all their needs are met. Avon provides wheelchair handling services to our guests whenever and wherever they are.
laundryAirline Laundry Packing
Washed, Sanitised before you fly. We make sure that every piece of linen used inflight are cleaned with the highest standard.